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In-house storage hub with 24/7 security

We provide in-house storage facilities for short to long term lease and volume consolidation for export or local distribution. Our facility is insured to store high-end valuables, please contact us for more information.


Branding is key for all businesses. Our facility and team are equipped to provide repackaging services in timely order for quick turn-around services.

Return merchandise authorization (RMA)

We can take care of your returns and certify damages. We can process refunds or replacements as instructed. Any returns can be consolidated and shipped back to its origin.

Regional fulfilment/distribution centre

Asia remains a strategic hub for all global trades and volume is set to grow significantly in near future. In this modern era, customers no longer accept long lead time to receive their orders. HI We provide the bridge for companies who wants to fast-track and bring their products closer to their Asian customers.

Regulatory compliance for all incoming and outgoing inventory

We are superiorly qualified in maritime and aviation freight deliveries by being IATA and MPA accreditated. This ensures global outreach coupled with certified competencies of all cargo transported by us.

Integration to in-house or external CRM

For instant live updates, we can integrate into your SAP or allow you access into our Asset Management system for live inventory traffic and updates.

In-house ground fleet

With an ever growing local fleet of our own, we can deliver to your needs within hours.

Live tracking for local deliveries

Track your order by viewing live updates of all local deliveries in transit.

Fast turn-around

We understand time is of the essence thus we adhere to very stringent KPIs when it comes to turn-around services.

Flexible Pricing

Why lock into long term lease when you ought to pay according to volume and services engaged? As your partner, we adapt to your needs and adjust costings accordingly during slow periods.

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