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MHI Logistics

About Us

We strive to produce high benchmarks of quality, consistency and commitment to our partners. Your success is vitally important to us!

MHI is a 3PL logistics company providing a global platform to link the world via B2B or B2C. With our strong global sea & air freight network, fulfilment & distribution facility, warehousing and ground transportations, we are well established to fulfil your logistics requirement. As your strategic partner, we invest in innovative technologies to digitize and simplify the whole process for you.

Let us manage the operational and business risk of your international goods flow. Leverage on our volume to save on shipping, repackaging, storage and delivery costs.

We believe in growing together with our partners and 1 of the many initiatives is via flexible pricing. Why lock into long term lease when you ought to pay according to volume and services engaged? As your partner, we adapt to your needs and adjust costings accordingly during slow periods.

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